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CIRCULATORY EXPLANATION Acupuncture stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal, for example: bringing blood and Qi to a distressed area. Blood and Qi are filled with nutrients to help heal damaged tissue. For example: when you are experiencing inflammation of a tendon or a slight strain of a muscle, the Acupuncturist may insert a needle at or near the site of injury. The stimulation increases microcirculation in the area, thus increasing the blood to the tissues that are injured.

NEUROLOGICAL EXPLANATION Acupuncture stimulates the brain: Prefrontal Cortex, Limbic Cortex, Sensory Cortex. The Acupuncture Stimulus (AS) travels to the brain via the Spinothalamic Tract, Spinoreticular Tract, and the Spinomesencephallic Tract (Anterolateral System). The AS releases neuro-chemicals: Beta Endorphins and Enkephalin (suppresses pain / the body’s natural painkillers).

MUSCULOSKELETAL EXPLANATION Some acupuncture points are located at trigger points in the muscles. These often painful areas get relief when they are massaged, or in acupuncture’s case, needled. Some of the important points are at motor points, which is where the nerve innervates the muscle. These sites would point to the effectiveness of acupuncture being mediated through the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

IMMUNE SYSTEM EXPLANATION Research shows some acupuncture points to increase white blood cells to help the immune system.


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